Made It Till Friday


Last night I played some more Overwatch, waiting for my wife to get home from work. But in better news I picked up my Luna ukulele and finished learning “You’ve got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman. You know, the song from Toy Story. It is really fun and a bit challenging. There are some weird chords if you aren’t used to them but other than that the strumming pattern is pretty easy and its at a normal speed. Very comfortable. I love that damn uke and take it everywhere. I just have to make sure to play it. I have to remember to make the time. Being that it is something you have to work on and being something that takes time, you can always find an excuse to do something easier. Anyway I am very pleased with myself, as this will be the first FULL song that I have learned. To be honest now that I have been playing it more I would like a better ukulele. This one was $100 straight from the Luna Guitars website, and isn’t up to snuff, even though I do still love it. I have learned a ton from Barry, at and his amazing reviews. He shows you what to look for in a uke and points out things that you probably wouldn’t think to check. If you have the time and are interested check him out! I recently bought a new case for it from Guitar Center, I think its a Road Runner brand…I think. It it awesome as well the sippers are heavy duty and the bag is very sturdy.

Right when I leave work today I will head home, change my clothes and leave with my wife to go to the “Thurston Classic” in Meadville Pennsylvania. It is a hot air balloon event. They all take off tonight at 6pm, so we are going to meet my wife’s grandparents there and watch them. Hopefully it stays nice out and I hope that we get there on time. A few years ago her grandparents had one land in their backyard. By the time we got back they were in the process of packing it up, but we got to talk with them for a little bit. I’m not really sure what the draw is for wanting to be a hot balloon-er? but they are neat to watch that is for sure. It will prove to be a great time, I’m sure of it.

Like I had mentioned in previous posts my company picnic is Saturday. I again hope that the weather is favorable, since it will be outside and at a water park. We will have food served, all access to the park rides, and Bingo games for prizes. It is really cool that my company provides this experience. I have grown up with it because my dad has worked here as well for 35 years. So from experience it is memorable and something kids and adults alike look forward to each summer. It will be a pretty packed weekend.

Sunday I will finally be able to make it back to a set of softball games. The last one I couldn’t make due to the camp outing in Ohio. and the two before that got rained out. It feels like I haven’t even been on a team. We have this weeks games, Then I will miss the next ones because we will be in North Carolina. Then after that there are only two more weeks and then the end tournament. So in total I will have only made eight regular season games out of a possible fourteen. So a bit more than half, If I keep being this busy I may not be able to play every summer. I will gauge that at some other time though, because I do love softball.

I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will. Byyeeeee!


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