Why Do This & Stuff

Hey there!

I seem to be running out of life content and things to put in the blog. This is partly due to the fact that I have a pretty normal life. I get up and go to work every morning I am there for at least 8 hours a day, and then I come home. This only leaves about  5 hours of the day that are free to me, most of which isn’t free to me. I do chores around the house like a normal person. I cook dinner, I feed the animals, I take a load off, and get my things ready for the next day. I also spend time with my wife when she doesn’t work late. So turn that 5 hours into about an hour and that’s about all the time I have to have life experiences. This is mostly 5 days out of the 7. The other two can be somewhat exciting with new things going on, but most of the time they aren’t either. All summer I have softball on Sundays, so there goes most of 1 whole day. The other day, Saturday, is generally spent with my wife and us debating on what to do. A lot of the time since we are always busy we just like to relax. That doesn’t make for great content either. I feel like sometimes I just talk about the same stuff, and that wouldn’t be a false statement. It is however my life and what is going on in it. If it is unchanged and not exciting, then so be it. I would hope that it was OK to be normal and have a daily grind. I just wanted to reflect on that a little bit because right before I started writing this *minutes ago* I debated on even posting today since nothing other than Overwatch game play has happened since I posted yesterday. I can sum it up in one sentence. Ready? “Yesterday I left work, picked up a pizza, and played Overwatch for 5 hours.” Done! That was my whole evening. I debated on whether or not to post anything for that very reason. I quickly realized that just because something amazing didn’t happen or that something terrible hasn’t happened doesn’t mean I don’t have any content. Sure it is repetitive but again its just my mundane, sometimes interesting life.

So yes, I did play Overwatch for 5 hours yesterday and It was OK. I also did have some bad ass pizza from Pizza Hut. Unlike normal, my Team Speak friends were online last night, which is part of the reason I played so long. most of it was just with three others but towards the end we picked up another guy who was friends with my friend. This was the first overall team experience I had had playing Overwatch. Sure we didn’t have a full 6 man team but it was interesting to see if/how the game play would change knowing that 5 out of the 6 of us were talking with each other. To make a long story short it didn’t help. It should have, but it didn’t. No one announced their ultimate abilities and we didn’t coordinate anything. We still played like a free for all and got pissed at each other for doing stupid things with bad timing. At the end of it all we are still all great friends, but it does start to bother everyone when we can be soo much better than we tend to be. I would love to get on a 6 man team and have a defined role and communicate well. I would love to see how the dynamic of the game changes. I have yet to catch a pro match, since before yesterday I didn’t know they were occurring. I will look up an old one and watch it as soon as I’m done with this.

Tonight will not be much different. I will be in charge of dinner and feeding our pets. I will probably play Overwatch and nothing else for the remainder of the evening. I can tell you that tomorrow after noon, I will be the only person in my department. So I really hope nothin blows up. 😀 I again as always will keep you posted, and shit for not having anything to say I think I filled up the page quite nicely 😉

Have a great Thursday and get pumped for the weekend.


-This weekend I have a company picnic at a water park, and the weekend after we are going to NC. woo!


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