Got In Some Games

Afternoon all!

Quick update, still haven’t got the Linux file server working. I actually think I broke it?.? Oh well that will be for another time. I went home and was pretty productive. I did two loads of laundry and tossed the dishes in the dishwasher. So feeling pretty good I played some Overwatch. I ran threw about fives games and did well as a single person. As a team meh…. it was so so. It was me getting 27 kills with Widowmaker and about 5 deaths, followed by us not winning ever. That was the theme for the night in Overwatch. It was OK though since my individual play was great. I can’t wait for the day, which I heard was late June, when they introduce competitive play. I realized that since Overwatch has come out that I haven’t literally played any other game. I also hadn’t been on my clans Team Speak server either, since its not needed and I’ve been playing alone 😦 I have been in TS a few times and played with a few of my buddies, but our schedules never seem to line up, since some of them are in Europe and some are on the western parts of Canada.

I decided to play some GTA V which lasted about ten minutes. I quickly switched to Rocket League. I thought I was going to play horribly since I hadn’t played in a month. I seemingly got better. I was playing defensively as to not piss anyone off by being out of position. I was scoring from behind the center line and taking huge shots and making big saves. I took a break after about six games and ate some pizza. Which is never a bad idea. To prove that fact, I will buy some tonight because I already don’t feel like making dinner and since my wife won’t be home until about 7:30 and cold pizza is still super awesome.

All and all it was a good gaming night. I didn’t launch CS:GO on purpose. I don’t want to be sucked back in yet. If I play different FPS games in the same time frame I lose all ability to get kills. I don’t know why that is but it is true. So I will be sticking with Overwatch for a while. I mean I have like $1000 worth of skins in CS:GO and it is still my main game with over 1600 hours of game play. I just needed a break from it and Overwatch is the break I needed. Anyway it was a good night.

Today at work I received the PCs that I had ordered a while back and I have started setting them up. I ran into an issue with the user though…go figure. I have his PC joined to the domain and I went to log him in and he gave me I don’t even know what. I got random strings of letters, dashes, and numbers. None of these worked and now that I have re asked him 3 times I have no response. So if its not a big deal to him i doesn’t bother me haha. There really is no time frame for these PC to go out so I’m not in any hurry. It just makes me laugh at the simple things that hang up the process. It almost never is anything technical it always seems to be user based. That’s about it everyone I hope you have a great hump day.


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