Lazy Night & Linux

Hey there!

This won’t be a very long post, since I really haven’t done anything since yesterday. I left work expecting to go home and catch up on all of the Overwatch I missed out on over the weekend. As I pulled up to the house my wife’s car was there. I didn’t expect her to be home that early, as she has been working later recently. I sat and talked with her for a little bit and, then we made some dinner. We made stuffed shells with sauce and cheese. I was a simple bake job and took no real time at all. I did get my wife to run through the tutorial in Overwatch. I then had her go to the practice range and pick a few heroes to try out. It is a lot to take in if you have never played any sort of video games regularly, ever. Her biggest issues is working with both hands simultaneously. She will walk to a spot and then shoot, but its hard to do both. She tried Rocket League and League of Legends before as well. They are all pretty different so she didn’t really have anything to go off of. I had her use my girl Mei, and later she used Hanzo, Bastion, Widowmaker. She did well in the practice range. Soon after she was done with it all, and that’s just fine. I was just glad she sat and tried it out.

Towards the end of the night we lazily laid in bed and watched some TV. It wasn’t very exciting but we did have a conversation of ‘smaller’ living. HGTV runs that, tiny house show and that always gets us thinking. I personally would be a big fan of doing that to a certain degree. I love the outdoors and the idea of a small footprint on the Earth. I would still want electricity and a good internet connection too, of course. My wife likes the idea of a large house, but mainly because of the storage space. The way I look at it, is that you could have outdoor sheds and things to hold your belongings that you don’t use all the time, and still have a small house. I don’t think we will every do that but it is always fun to think about. It also made me think that I need to get back to my camp site and try to get some more done on my lean-to structure. One of these days I’ll have to bring a 5-gallon bucket and slap mud on my fireplace.

Anyway, after that we just fell asleep. This morning was normal and not a lot was going on. I am waiting on some PCs to show up so that I can set them up, but they obviously aren’t here yet. 😛 I went to my co-workers office and started helping with a Ubuntu file server that he needs set up for his wife’s company. We are having trouble with share permissions. Mainly because we are accessing the Linux share with a Windows machine. It seems to be coming along, but it isn’t quite there. After I post this I will be heading back over to do what I can. I brought some left over shells with me for lunch and they were delicious, so I’m all recharged and ready to go. You know, until I crash randomly and get really bored for no reason. Well that is about all everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow!!


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