Weekend Fun!

Hello everyone!

I woke up Friday morning in a great mood that carried me through the weekend. Of course I still hadn’t packed my things yet for my three day weekend away. I quickly gathered what I thought I would want/need. I threw everything into the truck and was ready to go at about 10:45am. I got in the truck and wanted to be on the open road, until I looked at my gas gauge…empty. I ran across town to get gas and made sure to grab a small pizza and Red Bull for my lunch on the road. OK. Now I was ready to get going. It was a very pleasant drive. I had to oddly navigate through three states, mainly Interstates. After two hours of driving I arrived. Alone. There was no one there, or home for that matter. I checked the Facebook page and made sure I was there on time, and I was. That didn’t stop me, I started unloading my truck. I took all my stuff into the yard and pitched my tent. I made my bed area up and set out my folding chair. Once everything was said and done I pulled out the ukulele and began to play. Ten minutes later one of the hosts showed up and invited me in, apologizing for no one being there. (not a big deal) We caught up for a bit and had a few beers. She informed me that Her husband and a few guys went out golfing that morning and should be back any time.

Once the guys got back we helped get some last minute things ready. This included going to get the three kegs of beer for the weekend. Everything was good to go and soon the people came rolling up. Friends from school and some local friends as well. We dined on deep fried chicken wings and pasta with meatballs. Later on we played a game called ‘Stump’ I’ll explain. You get a nice level cut, fairly large stump, and set as many nails in for the amount of players. The nails were about four inches. You just have them set in the wood so that they won’t fly out when hit with the hammer. You then take turns. Whoever is up has to flip the hammer and catch it. However you catch it, is how you have to hit it. If you re-grip you forfeit your turn. If you flipped the hammer once you get one swing at another players nail. If you flip it twice you get two swings at other players nails and so on. If you drop the hammer your turn is over. You win by being the last person with your nail not smashed all the way in. You gauge whether or not a nail is done by if you can slide a fingernail under it or not. If you hit a players nail and bend the shit out of it you either take it out or hammer it all the way in and give them a fresh nail. We of course do this while drinking, so if you hit a nail and it glances off making a spark, you call “SPARRK!” and everyone drinks. It gets really fun/dangerous the longer you play. If you bleed you wipe it on the stump and keep going. Friday night ended with huge bon fire.

Saturday morning there were only three of us awake at 6:30am so we decided to go to the diner down the street for breakfast since there was nothing else to do. It was delicious, I had corn beef hash and Rye toast, and a ton of coffee. 😀 By the time we got back others were awake and jealous, as they should have been. All day Saturday was spent hanging out with old friends and playing yard games. We then had another large fire and went to bed. Sunday was the day we all dread. It is the day you wake up and pack it all up. You don’t want to leave but you know you have to. I get up early and put my stuff away so I can enjoy what little time is left. I help clean up the yard where I can so other people don’t have to. Once everyone is up some of us say our good byes and others, like myself head to the diner for a group breakfast. Again the food was amazing, I had a bacon and cheese omelet with hash browns, toast, and more coffee. I was another great year for a party weekend. The weather was great and the people were amazing as always. It is really great when you can get people together as friends every once and a while.  Just take people out of everyday monotony and have the time to catch up. I mean we have people who are married with children down to people fresh out of college, so its nice to all get on the same page once a year. It was a good reflective ride home. It makes you appreciate everything you have and the friends you have met along the way. I can’t wait, already, for next year. Speaking of next year, I hope my wife will be able to join me since she will be done with school. 😀

I’m kind of out of time for today, I’ll see you all tomorrow!


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