Masonic Initiation & Week Over

Happy Thursday all!

As you know I had two Masonic initiations last night. A group of us met at a diner, I had never eaten at before at 6pm. When we walked in we were greeted by my grandfather, a few of his buddies, and A handful of other members. I think there were about 12 of us there for dinner. One thing I do to gauge whether or not a restaurant has good food and quality cooks is to try either their Ruben  or their Black and Blu burger. In this case they had both. Being a sucker for burgers I ordered the Black and Blu burger. Mind you I have tried that same burger in about 20 different locations and to be honest this one is now at the top of my list. The burger is (or should be) what it says it is. It should be a blackened burger seasoned with Cajun, your choice of toppings, and Blu cheese. You would think it is pretty easy and you would be right, but you would be surprised at the number of burgers that were not blackened. I also rate those burgers with crumbled Blu cheese much higher than that using sliced or Blu cheese dressing. This one was a half pound burger and was cooked to perfection. I ordered it with lettuce and tomato and I was not disappointed.

Anyway since my passion of food got in the way I’ll tell you what I can about the initiations. There are three degrees total before you are considered a Master Mason. Each one is conferred a month apart from the other unless you elected to take a one day class.   (That’s the lazy, cheap way) Last night we had a second degree first, followed by a first degree. The reason we went in this order was so that when we were done with the second degree the brother in that degree could sit in and watch the first degree right after. You wouldn’t know it but there is a ton of information being thrown at these guys in a fairly short amount of time, so it is best to sit and watch as many initiations as possible to understand it all. I have been a member for nine years and I learn new stuff every time. The second degree (the one we did first) went very fast, the guy in charge of conferring it did a great job and spoke a bit fast so we condensed some time there. It lasted about 45 to 50 minutes. Next up was the first degree. This one was special to me and my family as it was my first cousin. We now have six family members in the same Masonic lodge. We had five of us there last night, three generations. I was able to participate in my older brothers initiations and now I can gladly say I will be a part of my cousins as well. We had a great turn out consisting of members from two other lodges and some Zem Zem hornets. You know, the guys in the little cars in every parade. In total I think there were 25 people in attendance. Once everything was said and done it was about 10pm and we were all ready to head home. My grandfather had to drive an hour and a half to get back home, but being retired, we can’t feel too bad since he didn’t have to get up for work the next morning. XD

As far as my week being over, it is. Well, just here. Tomorrow I will be heading out on a two hour drive to get to my friend’s house. Tomorrow at 1pm people are allowed to show up and it will all be a blur from then on. It will be a collection of old fraternity brothers and friends for about two days and two nights total. It may end up being a rainy mess on Saturday but nothing will keep us down. Of course three kegs won’t hurt either. Again, we will be camping in their yard in tents and hammocks, everything will be as safe as possible and most everyone there is responsible. This will be the tenth year in a row this party has gone on and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  That being said I will not be posting again until Monday, which also happens to be the day I am having my truck inspected. (Not that, that matters lol) I will have plenty to write about, that is for sure. I hope you all enjoy your Friday and the rest of your weekend. Be safe and have fun no matter what you are doing. Even if it is just sitting in bed watching a Harry Potter marathon for 19 hours and 39 minutes. (Yes I looked that up)



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