Camp, Frustration, & Looking Ahead

Good afternoon people!

Yesterday, after I left work I ran home, changed my clothes, fed the dog and cat, and grabbed my gear. I was going back out to my, work in progress, camp site. This time I brought along my weed eater to clear the land in front of my lean-to. I also stopped at Lowes to grab a Corona folding saw, and some more para cord. I got out to the site at 5pm, and topped my weed eater off with fuel.  It only takes a minute or two to get back to my site. I threw on my gloves and began pulling as many pricker bushes out of the ground at the roots. I took my folding saw and cleared out seven or so smaller trees that were in the way of my view and building area. The way my shelter faces it looks right at the crick, so I want to be able to see as much as I can. I proceeded to clear all the high grass and other plants so it looked almost like a front yard. I want to be able to build perimeter walls and have a nice area to relax and have friends out. After I got all of that done I found out that my wife was home earlier than normal so I ended up heading out soon after. I found myself thinking last night and this morning about how to build the top of the shelter. I was thinking at first that I would lay like 30 poles across the top, then a tarp, followed by brush. I quickly realized that with the back being raised the poles just slide off, so I would have to lash them all at the back and that would be a ton of work and use a bunch of para cord. So I think what I will do is use maybe ten poles and space them appropriately, by having it be sturdy in the middle so that when I put the tarp on it won’t pool water in the middle and sit on the fireplace and rot my crossbeam. This lead me to thing that I need to have my mantel stone not touch my crossbeam so that if water ever does sit there it won’t mess with the wooded beam.

*Quick thought about that, as I was typing it*

I think what I will try to do is make the middle most pole be ticker than all the others, so that with the tarp over it all it will make a small peak near the back. That way the water will run off to the sides instead of onto the fireplace. Damn that might work….nice!

Anyway, I went home and had breakfast for dinner because we didn’t want to thaw any chicken. I played some Overwatch and then we got ready for bed. My wife and I have been putting our dog in her crate because she keeps throwing up for seemingly no reason and its pissing us off to get up at 1am to clean it up. Last night we also had a thunderstorm and our dog hates them. We can’t cuddle up to her though because she jumps on our heads and shakes like a crazy person. So we have to crate her for those too. Needless to say we had her in the crate and she went nuts and somehow got out. It must not have been latched the full way and she kicked the door open. So again it woke us up and forced us to be awake at 1am. On top of that she wouldn’t listen and get back in the crate. She would go hide in another room. We would shoo her out and shes tried to go over the gate, to the downstairs. We got her away from that and she ran to the computer room. She hid under both of our desks and ran through all of our cables and cords. We finally got her back in the crate and tried to go back to bed. I was ready to kill her, she gets that wound up and won’t listen to anyone or anything. So of course I couldn’t go back to sleep, due to how frustrated I was. I even caught my self clenching my teeth together super hard, which is not good for your teeth at all. I ended up staring at the ceiling and tried taking a few breaths. I did eventually fall back asleep but it didn’t do much good since I was up at 6am for work.

Looking ahead here I hopefully can get back out to my camp, either today or Thursday. I also have two Masonic initiations to partake in Wednesday.  I will also not be posting on Friday, and I’ll tell you why. Every year a friend of mine and his wife put together a weekend long party in their yard and call it “Party in the Ghetto” or “P.I.G.” for short. They usually have a pig roast and other goodies. This will be the tenth year that they have invited close friends to this party. As of right now there are a confirmed 27 people coming for the weekend. We all camp in tents scattered in their yard and have nice conversations and sit around fires. Of course Saturday we have the “Beer Olympics”, consisting of multiple drinking games. Anyway it is a ton of fun and I will be driving out there Friday and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. If I’m feeling crappy I may not come in to work Monday either, but we will have to wait and see. This year I wall try and pace myself. 😀

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, and I will do the same.


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