Ingress & Last Early Morning

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I got a message in google hangouts from a fellow Ingress player. He had some gear that he wanted to give me. I was very grateful, as I have been low on gear lately. Part of this is because I have been so busy, and haven’t been able to play like I would like to. For those of you not aware of what Ingress is,it is:

Ingress is an augmented-reality massively multiplayer online location-based game[4] created by Niantic, Inc.. The game was first released exclusively for Android devices on November 15, 2012,[2][5] and was made available for Apple‘s iOS on July 14, 2014.[3][6] The game has a complex science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative,[7][8] which however is not necessary for playing and enjoying the game. Ingress has also been considered to be a location-based exergame.[9]
The gameplay consists of capturing “portals” at places of cultural significance, such as public art, landmarks, monuments, etc., and linking them to create virtual triangular “control fields” over geographical areas. Progress in the game is measured by the number of “mind units” (MUs) captured via such control fields, i.e. people nominally controlled by each faction (as illustrated on the Intel Map).[10][11] The necessary links between portals may range in length from meters to kilometers or hundreds of kilometers, created in operations of considerable logistical complexity.[12] International links and fields are not uncommon, as Ingress has attracted an enthusiastic following in cities worldwide[13] amongst both young and old,[14] to the extent that the gameplay is itself a lifestyle for some, including tattoos.[2] Gameplay relies heavily on the player physically moving about the community in order to interact with portals. Playing in a vehicle is possible, but increases in speed disable some features of the game. This is done to encourage physical activity and safe driving, and also discourages GPS spoofing.
In addition to the main interactive map, called the Scanner, players also have access to a “COMM” tab that displays local and regional, even worldwide, live activity going on within the game, such as faction progress and activity, in-game communication, and alerts.
Each player, or “Agent”, also has a profile page that is view-able by any other agent using the mobile app. Profiles contain a wide variety of information, including the agent’s name, current level and AP, earned badges, completed missions, and a long list of statistics. Players can choose to withhold most of the statistical information from appearing on their page, instead leaving visible only their badges, AP and mission list. Also available on the profile page, if the agent so decides, is a link to their Google+ page.

Thank you Wikipedia!

Each player chooses a side or “faction” and fight to gain control of their area. It if a fun way to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors. If you would like to play message me with your e-mail address and I will send you an invite! (As one achievement is inviting people 😉 ) I am biased to the Resistance faction (blue) but there is also the Enlightened faction as well (green). The choice is totally up to you. Anyway in the game you ‘hack’ portals to get gear, that is needed to continue playing. As you use your gear it runs out unless you ‘hack’ for more. Where I am we have a fairly large group of players that are willing to help out where and when they can. In this case I was low on high level gear , and was able to meet up with a fellow player and get what I needed. From there I went around my town and played the game for about an hour before I went home. If you are interested my player tag is @Mandrake88 in the game.

Later that evening my dad and I went to look at a possible cabin frame for his land. It wasn’t really what we were looking for but it may be viable. It is a metal dome frame with no walls. We were thinking we could secure boards to it and cover it with roofing tin. We would then frame up the front and back with 2x4s and make a door. This would be a good semi-permanent place to hang out and stay during hunting season. Who knows, it is completely up to him so my brother and I will help with anything he decides to do. Tomorrow we will be heading out to his property to set up my Bushcraft camp, and set up his new deer stand.

At last, it is Friday. My long week of coming in early and running reports is over. It will be nice to get back in the swing of things next week. I did ride my bike into work this morning even though I was half asleep. I am proud to say that even through this hectic week I have been able to post every day about my life and what is going on in it. I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you back here Monday afternoon! 😀



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