Bike Ride & Masonic Meeting

Happy Thursday everyone!

As many of you may know I got out of work yesterday at 2:15pm. I was debating on vegging out and playing Overwatch until my meeting, or taking my mountain bike out for a ride. To be safe I did both. As soon as I got home I let my dog out and checked my bike over. I hadn’t ridden it since I put on the new seat. This would be my test run. I went on a 7.6 mile ride around my town, and down a bike trail. It only took about 30 minutes but was a great workout. After the I felt I needed to change three things about my setup. The first being that my seat was too high. I could barley touch the ground and it was putting a lot of pressure on my hands, to the point where they started to go numb. So I lowered it to a good height for my body and it should be good to go. The second thing I noticed was that I didn’t have enough air in my tires. I mean it worked, they weren’t flat by any means, but I like a really full tire. I won’t be going over anything to extreme where I would need the extra give so why not tune it up for flat ground riding. So I decided to fill them to a bout a 55psi rating. The third and final thing I need to change up a bit was the seats angle. The bars under the seat were level to the ground but the angle of the seat it self was pointing down slightly. This caused me to constantly adjust the way I was sitting, and felt like I was sliding off. I just went ahead and leveled the top of the seat even to the ground and everything is good to go. I hope to ride it tomorrow either to work or after. Not sure if I had mentioned it before but I have a Trek 4300 that my younger brother bought me after my other one was stolen when I was in college. It was a very nice gesture and something he definitely didn’t need to do, but I am grateful. I would like to get my wife a bike at some point so that we can go on some rides together.

After my bike ride I showered up and relaxed a bit. I was able to play a handful of Overwatch games as well. I have been trying out new, to me, heroes and to be honest I’m learning quite fast. I played as Widowmaker, Roadhog, Genji, Zarya, and Pharah. So basically I tried out someone new in every category except the support role. I feel as though I have a pretty good grasp of those heroes so I wanted to focus on the others. Time was becoming an issues so I decided to stop playing and get ready for my meeting. I put on my suit and tie and in no time I was ready to go. We were supposed to have the police dog come in and do a demonstration, but he was sick. We aren’t sure how or why he was sick but it was bad enough to need medicine from the vet’s office. We will be trying to reschedule that meet during our September meeting. Since the program was canceled the meeting was rather short but we were able to go over a ‘First Responders’ program. I talked about the history of first responders and their ties to Free Masonry. It was pretty interesting and fun to listen to. After that it was quick to home and in bed for another early morning.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Friday will be here soon enough.


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