Lazy Night & Better Morning

Good afternoon everyone.

After my hectic weekend and even more hectic Tuesday I was ready to relax a bit. Since I came in early yesterday I was able to leave at 2:15pm. This gave me some time alone after work to wind down a bit. I just vegged out and hung around the house for a bit. A little bit later I played some Overwatch. I have been getting better at using other heroes, and not just Lucio. I have gotten really good with Reaper and Solider 76 as attacking heroes, by generally flanking the crap out of the other team. As far as defense is concerned my go to gal is Mei. I can hit really hard with her and still defend a site. In certain situations I have used Torbjorn, and Bastion, but that is when the attacking team is at a stand still. If they aren’t I switch to Mei to be more mobile. While Junkrat bothers the shit out of me and I die to him in every game, I can’t get the hang of playing him. I all around hate him haha. I rarely tank but when I do I’ll pick D.Va or Roadhog more often than not. The only tank I can’t use very well is Zarya. I just haven’t wanted to spend any time learning her when other heroes would help me more in the long run. Lastly I still main Lucio as a support, but also have enjoyed playing Zenyatta, even though I had a guy complain that I didn’t heal him? (He only heals with his ult so why would I pop it for one guy haha) Mercy is great and all but I like being able to mass heal rather than one hero at a time, and Symmetra is decent in certain areas. Anyway, long story shot I played Overwatch!

After Overwatch I made some burgers for dinner so that when my wife got home I would have something made. Both of our schedules are out of wack right now so we have been doing what we can to make it a bit easier anyway we can. We had some thawed ground turkey burger, diced onions, diced jalapenos, and bits of cheese. From there I mixed them all in a bowl and cooked them up. It really gave the burger a good all around flavor without worrying about toppings falling out of the bun, since they were inside the burger. It was fairly quick and easy, which made it perfect. We honestly laid in bed at 8:30pm. We were both super beat. I turned on the TV and caught an episode of 500 questions on ABC. It is a game show where geniuses have a chance to answer up to 500 questions and win money along the way. Its only on for a week once a year, so its cool to watch.

This morning I came into work early again, this time with no obstacles to overcome.   Everything ran great. Instead of being over an hour behind like yesterday I was an hour early with my reports and had everything delivered in record time. We made some minor adjustments to the instructions along the way but nothing that hung me up for any extended period of time. I’ll be out of work early and will grab a few more games of Overwatch before my stated Masons meeting tonight. Tonight at our meeting we are having an open program with a local police officer and his police dog. He is coming and doing a demonstration for everyone in attendance. We will have dinner and desert after the meeting as well, so I don’t have to cook. Yay! Other than that it will be another quiet night with not too much excitement.

I hope you all enjoy your hump day, and I’ll see you tomorrow. 😀


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