Procrastination is the Name



I got thrown out of my daily rhythm this morning and have been struggling all day to get and stay on task. Let me tell you how that has worked out for me…it hasn’t. I’m all over the place today and not motivated in any way shape or form. I wanted to get some work done on my CS50 course, which has not happened. I have the page up and open I have the videos buffered, I just cannot bring myself to play them and listen. I know my brain is not in the right place and I do not want to waste the information that would be, at this point, going in one ear and out the other. Literally because I wear a set of headphones with only one ear piece haha.

Today I got to work and slammed some coffee, and tried to get moving. I instantly got side tracked by catching up on some YouTube videos I subscribe to like Phillip DeFranco’s, and Casey Neistat’s. After catching up with those videos I received a supply order and had to put some stock away. I really haven’t been able to get up and do anything else to be honest.

Since I had to do something to pass the time and wait until I can go home, I have been learning about ukuleles. As stated before I am in the market for a good beginner-ish soprano ukulele. I found a guy on YouTube named, I think, Barry. He runs a channel called  ‘GotAUkulele’ he gives his very honest opinion on different ukuleles, as well as some beginner tips and tricks. some include how to string, hold, and strum the uke. he has a good range of reviews from cheap ukes up to very expensive professional ukes. Anyway, I have been watching his videos all damn day and I really have learned a lot, just not about what I set out to learn today. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and let whatever happens, happen. I am currently watching another one of his videos right this very second.

Later this morning I found out that I, for sure, am standing in Friday on my brother’s softball team. They want me to pitch, and the game starts at 6:30. It is slow pitch, but as the pitcher I could get drilled in the face. That would be bad. I don’t really think it will happen, and I have faith in my ability to use my glove, but it is always a concern. I just hope I can get the job done without anyone hating the fact that they picked me up to play with them. Too many times teams pick up a guy to play with them and they end up being a horrible choice. You think at the end of the game you would have been better off without picking anyone up at all. Again I do not see this happening either because I play in another league and know what I am doing, and on top of that its with people I know and play with regularly. I am generally not the pitcher but I am known to toss ‘meatballs’ for people, and half the battle is hitting the mat. I’m going to ride out the rest of my day here and hopefully go ride my bike if it is not raining. (FYI it is supposed to thunder storm here for the next 5 days)  If I don’t ride I will play Overwatch and continue trying other heroes besides my boy Lucio. I may also stop at the music store before I get home to see the selection of ukuleles. The only thing with that is the owner talks a lot so I may get stuck in there for over an hour. Oh well hes a good guy and I don’t mind. Pizza will be made for dinner, to continue my lazy streak.

I hope tomorrow will be better in regards to my focus. What can you expect from a scatterbrain?!?


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