Overwatch & Stuff

Hello everyone!

I called off a half a day of work yesterday to go home and play the new Overwatch game by Blizzard. In short, I love it. I have found that by far my favorite hero is Lucio the Brazilian DJ. He is a support character, doing area of effect healing and speed boosts. He can increase the range of the boosts with his ‘E’ button. His ultimate is amazing, providing a shield to all teammates in the area. His main attack is shoots a four round burst of  sonic waves. Now that you have a small summary of his abilities I’ll tell you why I like playing him. For some reason I can do more than what is expected of a Lucio. Out of the 35-50 games I played yesterday I averaged about 10 kills per game and 7500 in healing. He is a ‘squishy’ hero in that he has low health, but for some reason I kill a ton of people and still maintain a huge amount of healing per game. This all may change if this become the norm in any way, then people will target me more. People already know to target Mercy the other healing supporter, but it seems like people tend to leave me alone.

Team composition is huge. One great/terrible thing about this game is that at any death you can change your hero. This is perfect as you can adapt your team to better defeat the enemy team, but it is terrible in the face that some players will change for no reason and not tell anyone. This will unbalance the team in most likely a negative way.  If you have 3 attackers, 1 defenseman, 1 tank, and 1 support, annnnnd your support changes mid game without telling anyone to a damn tank, you lose all of your support. It would obviously be best to play with a group of friends as the communication would be better and you get a percentage more XP at the end of the game. If you do fine your self playing solo, just remember to communicate and be friendly.  There generally is no reason to rage on someone, unless they are being a troll on purpose haha. I again am going home and playing some more Overwatch. My screen name is NRgMandrake if you would like to look me up and play sometime. I will be trying out some new heroes tonight as well as trying to learn all the map spots. Hell as I’m watching this I have Tim the Tatman’s Twitch stream on my second monitor. You could say I have an obsession.

I have been looking for a nice soprano ukulele to go along side my concert uke. I’m not looking to spend over $100 since I only dabble. I want to be able to travel and play and the ukulele is perfect for that. I still don’t want a cheap ass one though. I want one that is made of wood, with open tuners, and body support. I may stop in at my local music store someday soon and check his selection out. From what I know he sells Kala brand. That may be a perfect option for me, for the price. I recently bought a new case for my concert uke and it should be on my door step right this second. On another purchase note, I bought a Cloud 9 bike seat for my Trek 4300 mountain bike. I will be looking to ride it to and from work on nice days, as I only live about three miles away.

I had to come in to work early today for further training on the IBM AS400 system we use as the back end database. So i got here at 6am and I get to leave at 2:15. Next week will be rough because Tues-Fri I will be coming in early and running it all by my self. Not only will I be tired but I hope I won’t mess it up. Later in the morning I received a text from my brother seeing if I was available Friday to stand in on his Co-Ed softball team. I agreed and found out that I will be pitching, so I hope I don’t take a ball to the face. So wish me luck!

I hope you all have a great hump day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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