Ukulele & Overwatch

This is indeed a great Tuesday!

I mentioned before that I was playing my ukulele. Then I realized I had never mentioned it before. I first fell in love with the idea of having a versatile guitar like instrument. I had even tinkered with revamping a child’s size acoustic guitar. Once I dove in a little deeper I saw how amazing the ukulele was. I did some research on shape, size, and sound first. I decided that a regular concert size uke would be the best starting point. The idea being that I didn’t want something that was so large it didn’t sound like a traditional ukulele, but also not the soprano size for the fear of my fat fingers not being able to play the chords. Not wanting just a standard ugly ukulele, I stumbled across the Luna Guitars website. ( From here I purchased Mo’o Concert uke, with laser etched leaves and a Mo’o lizard (hence the name). From what I read the lizard was a symbol of good fortune, and a powerful guardian spirit. It came with a back pack style case that quickly broke. I have another one ordered in a similar style because I would like to travel with this tiny instrument. I have learned the majority of the main chords and have dabbled in fun kids songs. I have just been trying the basics and feeling it all out. I love it.

Late last night the Blizzard game Overwatch came out. I debated about whether or not I should buy it. I didn’t think it was a game that was worth the price, but the open beta got me hyped. Last minute I threw it on my credit card and installed it. I instantly loved it and can’t wait to play the shit out of it. I think it was projected to have had 19 million people buy it at its release. That is a big number people, 19 million…wow! Part of the reason this is a shorter blog entry and an early entry is due to the fat that I called off half a day of work to go home and play the game, much like I did for the release of Fallout 4. I look forward to leveling up and learning at least two heroes from every style. I think this will be a game that will last a while and stay relevant. Blizzard does a good job of creating good well thought out games. They don’t just pump out shit games every year for the sake of doing so. Right out of the gate my three favorite heroes are Lucio the DJ, Reaper, and Bastion. They each are very different but great in their own way. I’ll update you more later.

That’s about all for now since not much has happened since my last post. I’ll catch you all tomorrow. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Ukulele & Overwatch”

  1. All the people at work are talking about the Overwatch game! I am not a gamer-I am too spastic for that. I wanted to thank you for following my blog before my scatterbrained head forgot! I will be back to read more of your stuff. πŸ™‚

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