Friday, Saturday, & CS50

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend wasn’t as rainy as mine.

Friday night my brother had a co-ed softball game under the lights. It is rare that I get to sit and watch a game since I usually play in them, so it’s nice when I can. My family was there and we had one of the bleachers to ourselves. I was a great night for softball. Their team won in I think the 6th inning via the ten run rule, which for those of you that may not know, is when you are beating a team by ten runs after the fifth inning. It was a relaxing way to bring in the weekend.

My big day was Saturday. I woke up fairly early and needed to go to the local DMV to get my picture taken for my new license. I was there a minute or two after they had opened. I was the only one there which is a rarity. I got right in and handed the lady my camera card, and answered a few questions. Next I had the picture taken and signed my name. Within a minute my new license was done printing and I was good to go. As I was walking out I compared my old license to the new one. In the old one I was wearing a nice shirt and tie with my hair cut short. I was at the time working for a healthcare group and was required to work weekends and weird hours. In my new one, since the only time I was available was Saturday, I only wore a flannel and had somewhat messy hair. But hell its more shiny so it’s still better.

From there I realized another thing I could only do on Saturday was go to the damn bank. I get out of work everyday as they close, which is a real pain in the ass. I needed to change they type of one of my savings accounts. I ran home from the DMV and grabbed my transaction books and account numbers just in case I needed anything. I ran down to the bank and the doors were still locked. I was a minute or two before they came and opened the doors. I hopped in line behind a few people that were there before I was, and waited for my turn. When I got to the counter I recognized the teller as the younger sister of an old friend of mine. It was really cool that she recognized me as well, since I really never knew her personally. It was super simple to change account types and keep all the same information. I was in ans out of there in 10 minutes. On my way home I decided to be a nice guy and stopped at Tim Hortons. I ran through the drive thru and got breakfast for myself and my wife, as well as a new Oreo Iced Cap that my wife wanted to try.

Once I got home and ate I was able to get ready for what I really wanted to do Saturday. Even though it rained all night and all day, I wanted to scout out my dad’s land and find a nice spot to set up a Bushcraft site. I grabbed my camping bag, and headed out. I was looking for a spot that wouldn’t disrupt any animal trails and for a spot that wouldn’t compromise sight from any of our hunting stands. Without climbing to the top of the hill, that didn’t leave me a ton of room to look. The rain was good for one thing though, it let me see what parts collected water and what parts did not. I wondered around for about two and a half hours looking for a suitable spot, with not much luck. I did find a spot under some pine trees that will work if I use a raised bed. The only issue was that it isn’t super flat ground, it is on a small slope. I headed back to my truck and went home. I realized that I could do everything there that I wanted. The one thing I would need to do differently, is lash a raised bed to two trees at an angle as to keep it level. I plan on building a lean to over the bed and making a few walls. When I get that far I’ll find a way to add pictures or add a link to the Bushcraft USA website where I will upload them. That would basically round out my Saturday.

Sunday was lazy and I just played my Ukulele and hung out with my wife. This morning I was able to get back into the CS50 class that I had started. I am in Week 2 and was able to watch the two hour lecture before my lunch break was over. It seems like I may have a bit of trouble with this week as I currently do not understand how to logically understand how to work with arrays, and arguments for arrays. I get what they are and where you would want to use them I am just super unfamiliar with them. Also finding the time to do the class is becoming a pain. I do like what they are teaching and what I am learning so I will continue. I am that guy who will forget everything if I don’t do it for a while and with programming it will be the same way. Even when I take a week break I get scared that I will lose what I learned in the first week. I want to be able to program but I just hope it will stick so in the future I can recall how to write a few scripts if I have to. I will be looking to go through the walkthroughs and shorts for the week later today. I hope to get to the problem set in a day or two.

That’s all for now folks, I’ll see you tomorrow.


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