CSGO, Linux File Server, & Camp

We have made it to another Friday! Yes you can celebrate.

Well if you can recall I played 3 very poor games of Counter Strike a couple of days ago. It seem like my luck didn’t change yesterday. 😦 I was able to play four competitive match making games, but I was only able to win the last one. This put me at a six game losing streak, which is no fun at all. I even de-ranked to Master Guardian I. I was very mad, because I have always been competitive and I hate to lose. This comes from being involved in sports my whole life, so I know there are many others just like me. I again had one of the worst games of my career only getting five kills, while dying about 23 times. It was literally hard to type that, that is how disturbing it is to me. Being who I am though I was determined to win a damn game. I didn’t have to be the top fragger or the leading scorer, I just wanted the ‘W’. My final game was the one I had been waiting for. We won very convincingly. I was in the middle of the pack as far as kill to death ratio. It was a good way to step away from the game for the night. I later finished by playing a handful of 3v3 Rocket League games. I love being able to relax and play a game I don’t mind losing. I did however do quite well driving my little car around and scoring goals in mid air. If you haven’t played or seen Rocket League I suggest you look it up. You don’t have to take my word for it but I don’t think you would be dissatisfied.

I popped right out of bed this morning not feeling tired at all. I knew it would be a good day. While at work I had to migrate my help desk installation to a different server, so we could start fazing the old server out. That didn’t take as much time as I thought it would. My co-worker is helping his wife set up a file server for her business, so I have been helping him the last few days with that. We decided to put a light weight OS on the server, so we went with Xubuntu. Then simply installed a few utilities along with Samba for file sharing. Our next challenge is to be able to access and modify the Linux based shares from a Windows machine.  We were able to set the share up by editing the smb.conf file in the Vi text editor. Our only problem now is everything we try, won’t allow us to edit the files. So this for now has us scratching our heads. I’m sure we will figure it out sooner or later. We aren’t in much of a rush since this will just be added in to their network when it is finished. I like working in Linux and hope to someday be a full daily user. I like the freedom and creative abilities you have without all the added crap of a Windows PC.

Anyway, enough about work. This weekend I plan on heading out to my dads land and scouting out a cool spot to set up a semi-permanent camp site. I want to make it all with hand tools, so that I can practice my Bushcraft skills. I will be looking for a flat spot with a few sturdy trees around. His land was recently timbered so there are plenty of dead fall trees that I  can use to set up camp. I want to build a strong lean to in between two trees. I will add walls to the sides as well as walls around a make shift perimeter. This will give me added protection from the wind and predators. I would like to eventually build another structure to house firewood and other supplies. This structure would ideally be off the ground a bit and provide space for wood, and working tools. I would also like my shelter to be large enough to fit a raised bed made of logs and pine bows. If I can get this set up it would be an easy way for me to get out and camp on a Friday night without having to bring a tent or worry about throwing up a crappy shelter with little to no time. I’ll let you know how it goes Monday. It won’t be completed by any means but I should have enough done for a progress report.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and make the most of it. C-ya!


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