Day Hike, DQ, & Work

Hello people!

Yesterday I thought I might get out of work and play a few competitive games of Counter Strike. No more than five minutes before the work bell rang, my dad called me and wanted to know if I would go out to his property and help him with his hunting stand. Since it was a beautiful day, and I had been inside working for most of it, I agreed. I met him at home and we pre-cut a few floor boards for his shack like stand. We loaded up my little Chevy S-10 and headed towards is 35 acre plot. The majority of his land is up a hill, nothing too steep but a hill nonetheless. We first took the two floor boards up to the frame that he had built already. This required me to carry a 4’x6′ piece of plywood over my head the whole way up the hill. We crossed a rickety bridge, that could collapse any day, and traveled up the rest of the hill. Once we got there it was back down the hill to grab the supplies need to cut notches for the posts, and nails to secure the floor boards. We spend about 2 hours out there getting everything done. It was nice being out there and helping my dad out. We hope to put a more permanent structure up as soon as we can, but for now a few deer stands with do. This is also where I plan on doing a lot of my Bushcrafting. I will be scouting out more of the area this coming Saturday.

As we were on our way home I text my wife to let her know we were on our way back. She wanted to know so she could get dinner ready. Well when I got home nothing had been done, to my surprise. She didn’t feel like making anything and really wanted ice cream, which is much like every other day. 😀  So we went to kill two birds with one stone by heading to the local Dairy Queen. We ordered our food and sat down waiting for our number to be called. A good amount of time had passed so I went up to the counter. They asked if I had been served yet, and I had let them know I hadn’t been. They asked the guy behind the grill and he said he was getting bun. So I figured they were just really slow moving tonight. Well a few more minutes had passed and I can clearly see that no one was making food, yet I still didn’t have any. I ask if any of the five other employees could help me get my order. They must have lost my ticket because they asked me again what My order was. They made the order finally and brought it to us, and much to my surprise they also brought a gift voucher for the exact amount of our meal. This was very nice of them for realizing they had made some sort of mistake and owned up to it. I didn’t ask for anything other than my food, so this was above and beyond. My wife and I had a good dinner then ordered our Blizzards. She got the new Royal Oreo Blizzard with hot fudge in the center, and I ordered the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash Blizzard. Both of which were delicious.

This morning work was work. There were a few things here and there that needed to be done like any other day. We had a lady lose network connectivity, which is never good, and a water jet machine try to upgrade itself to Windows 10. I am assuming that a third shift employee hit the accept button and just never said anything. We received a free gift from one of our vendors. It is a monitor arm mount. We spent the rest of the morning setting it up and toying around with it. The last thing I was working on before I wrote this was migrating our help desk installation to a different server, as we are fading it out. This was a new task for me and I liked the challenge. I still want, and need to get back to work on CS50 because I have been slacking. Maybe that can be something for tomorrow, who knows.

One more day. One more day. Come on Friday!


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