Counter Strike & Direct Deposit

Well it sure feels like a Wednesday to me.

Yesterday I came in to work early and got to leave accordingly. Toady everything is back to normal and seems slower than ever. To top it all off we are smack dab in the middle of the work week. It is hard to look forward and get excited because it is still a ways out. I don’t know if it is just me, or what but I’ dragging today.

Like I stated earlier I was able to leave work early yesterday. I took full advantage of my ‘extra’ time to get in some serious CS:GO game play. I had let a friend of mine know that I would be on and be ready to play. We ran through a few warm up casual games, to kind of work the bugs out, just like a batter in baseball takes a few practice swings before he heads to the plate. The warm up games went well we were always within the top three in the server. After seeing that we figured we were ready to head into a competitive match making game. We ended up playing the ever famous Dust II, and started on the counter terrorist (CT) side of the map. I normally play bomb site A on CT side, but was not quick enough to call my position. This may have been due to the fact that I didn’t, at first, care how the game went. I wanted a nice fun game and not much more. Needless to say we started getting stomped on. I played the back of B site and got pushed in about every time I was challenged, and the rotates to A site were awful. I think we ended the half at a score line of 12-3 in the favor of the opposing side. Since you only play, to the first team to get 16 rounds, this wasn’t looking good. They had one guy carry their whole team in the first half, which turned out to be a good thing for us in the second half on the terrorist side. We were able to isolate their carry and make a fairly good comeback. The game ended with a tie between the two of us at a score line of 15-15. It isn’t a win by any means but certainly better than a loss.

After that game we decided to go ahead and try our luck again, and see if we could pull out a win. This time we were on the map Mirage. This is another well known, and often played map. This time we started on T side. This ended up being the worst of the games we played for me personally. I finished the game with only 4 kills and 21 deaths. If you are familiar with first person shooters you will understand what I am about to say. It was one of those games where no matter what you did or where you went, you would get instantly slaughtered. I was getting head shot falling back, through smoke, while flashed, turning corners, and the list could go on. I did how ever have 10 assists which is about the only positive thing that could come from my performance. We lost the game in the same fashion with a score line of 16-5.

At this point I took a break, let the dog out, and got some water. We couldn’t end on that atrocious game, and we were still looking for a damn win. This last game we played was on the newly remade Cache. This is one of my favorite maps and I know a few cheeky smoke throws that I always love to use to secure a bomb sight. We started out much better than the two previous games. for the first half we were on T side and took both bomb sites pretty convincingly. Our only issue was losing rounds by not being able to defend the bomb after we planted it. I wouldn’t say that the CT retakes were great, but rather we still weren’t playing amazingly. We lost more rounds that way than we should have and that would be a deciding factor for the rest of the game. We were winning at the end of the half, which makes us feel good going into the second half. I took bombsite A with one other teammate and we traded rounds for most of the half. They ended up beating us in the end bye one of two rounds. Yesterday just wasn’t our day to win. I had been out of practice and I’m sure that didn’t help matters. I should be able to get a few games in tonight, but I’ll have to wait and see. Also not that any of you may care, but later that evening my wife and I watch the CW’s ‘The Flash’ if you haven’t seen it you should, and if you have make sure you watch that episode.

The other thing I wanted to share is that for the first time in my life I started using direct deposit with my checks. That may sound weird coming from an IT professional, you know since I should love technology and all. I have always felt like I couldn’t trust the computers at banks, or even cash machines. Partly due to my bad experiences with over drafting and things never ever posting on time. But now that I am in a stable position and need my money as soon as I can get it to pay certain things off, it seemed like the right time to do it. The only real reason I bring this up is because today was my first direct deposited check. It is not exciting in any way but it is a big step for me and my financial organization moving forward. I think I’ll be OK with it and everything went according to plan today so, fingers crossed!

Keep on grindin’ though your week, and have a good evening everyone.


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