Dinner, DWTS, & Morning

Good day mates!

Last night was fun. My wife and I went out to dinner, and although windy, we sat outside until desert. We had a great time just talking about out day, and our future. We had bruschetta for a starter, which kicked the evening off right. I ended up getting a rack of lamb with a nice black bean and bacon puree. It was delicious, as expected.  My wife ordered the sirloin, but much to our surprise they were out of it. She instead, at no extra cost received filet mignon. (Big Bonus) For desert we got what they called a pecan ball. It is ball of french vanilla ice cream, covered in roasted pecans, then drizzled in caramel and hot fudge. It may be the best thing in the universe. It was a great way to spend out first anniversary.

We got home just as the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ came on. We have watched the last six or so seasons. We even went to the traveling live show last year. The five remaining couples did a trio dance and then a regular dance. This late in the game they are all really damn good, so they all get pretty good scores. It was a double elimination night, this leading up to the two night finale next week. Since America gets to vote for who they want to see in the final it comes down to a popularity contest near the end. That being said it’s only fair to assume that the best dancer does not always win for that reason. Most times America at least gets the final three ‘correct’ at least. Tonight was not one of those nights. If you follow the show at all you will know what I am talking about, if not you may think I’m losing it. Ginger Zee and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy deserved to be in the final, and the voters agreed, so they are in. Nyle Dimarco, the deaf contestant, and his partner Peta Murgatroyd also deserved to be going to the final, and they are. This leaves one more couple to compete for the Mirror Ball Trophy. It was between Antonio Brown, the Pittsburgh Steelers receiver, Wanya Morris, the Boys II Men singer, and Paige VanZant, the UFC fighter. Again, I want to state that they all worked their asses off and will always be better dancers than most. Among those three there is really one clear choice on who is the best dancer and who had been the best dancer throughout the competition. It was Wanya. Plain and simple he had been the overall best dancer, but he didn’t make the final due to that ever popular America vote.  It is the nature of the beast I get it but it still sucks. I guess I should let you know who did advance, since I haven’t told you. Paige VanZant and her partner Mark Ballas were voted in to the finals. The very clear reason isn’t their skill, it is the popular vote. Just to get hard numbers Wanya’s Instagram has 52.2K followers, whereas Paige has 852K, and no I didn’t forget to put the ‘point’ in that number. To restate it sucks that Wanya didn’t make it but its not like it effects me in any way, I just think that’s shitty. They will go to the final dances and if I had to call it I would say the Nyle should win by a landslide. He has been killing it all season and has people on the hook due to is not so debilitating ‘disability’. I’ll stop ranting now.

Anyway this morning started off early, as I came in to practice with a colleague. The good news is that since I came in early I get to go home early and play Counter Strike XD.  I was running reports all morning, and we have people currently hear to help us with a carousel migration. Later in the morning we had n issue with our plasma cutter. It was not ‘finding home’ which it has to do so the cutter knows where it is on the board. It is all done by sensor readings and for some reason was goofing up. None of us are super familiar with it, not even the people who operate it. I called the company that installed it for us years before I even worked here, and had them explain to me things I could try. We had to test the switch sensors to see that they were functioning properly. That means we had to first find where the hell they were. After so digging we found them, and found out that the machine was all out of whack. The only logical reason it would have been this far out would be due to a fork lift running straight into it. Of course no one would come forward to incriminate themselves, why would they? So for two days they haven’t been able to use it. We had to manually move it back into the right position before it would ‘home’ properly. This took the rest of my morning. After posting this I only have one more hour of work and I’ll be set free!

I hope you enjoyed my rant and struggles with unfamiliar machinery. Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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