Graduation, Scanning, & Anniversary

Good morning everyone! I had a great weekend and it seemingly will continue through tonight. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Saturday we woke up knowing that we were going to my sister-in-law’s college graduation. It was about an hour and a half drive to get there. We met up with my mother-in-law and drove to the college, only to find there was about no places to park. We drove around for a while and some aggressive driving took place. We did find a spot about two blocks away from the gymnasium where we need to be. It was a cold and windy day so the walk did suck quite a bit. The graduation ceremony was nice but everyone was sitting in awful wooden chairs for three hours, and couldn’t see a thing. To be honest I brought my portable cell phone charger and played games on my phone most of the time. The ceremony ended and we met each other right outside the gym. Hugs were given, and then we were off to the car!

After we made it to the car and turned on the heat. We had to get moving though because we had reservations at a local country club for dinner. I must say that my meal was one of the best ones I have had ever. I ordered the 16oz blackened prime rib, Texas beer cheese soup, and fries. That meal coupled with a good view and great company made it perfect. It is always nice to catch up with family that you don’t see everyday. From there we had to head straight home, to get back to our dog and cat.

I guess for this next part to make any sense you would have to know what my wife got me for our anniversary. She got me a very nice G-Shock watch, that is virtually indestructible. I wanted one to wear daily and also tough enough to go camping and bushcrafting. She also got me a Doxie Go scanner, to eliminate the need for a filing cabinet. It is portable and works very well. Anyway, since it decided to snow and hail yesterday I had all the time in the world to scan my entire life into my PC. Once I ran through the simple setup and charged the battery I was good to go. I scanned most of my documents and it did take all day. I still have to rename the .pdf files, but that can be done anytime. It scans at 300 or 600 dpi and is quicker than I thought it would be. It was just a relaxing way to spend the day, not particularly fun, but relaxing. Later that evening my brother and his fiance came over and my parents made home made Stromboli. It is a family favorite for sure. That was a good way to end the day. I shaved myself up, laid out my clothes for work, and hopped into bed.

I woke up thinking that it would be a great day, being my anniversary and all. Nothing would get me down and I would fly through the work day and go have a great dinner with my lovely wife. My day decided to test my theory out, and see if it could crack me. I walked in the door to my work and was bombarded by people with PC issues. I didn’t make it to my office until about two hours after I walked in the door. The front desk receptionist was having network issues, a dude in the shop couldn’t connect to the network,  a woman in purchasing had a dead monitor, and oddly enough one of the monitors died at a printing station in the shop as well. That wasn’t what I wanted to walk into but I took it all in stride. It made my morning coffee late, but taste much better knowing I earned it this morning. It has been fairly quite since but all I can do is keep my fingers crossed at this point. As I eluded to earlier in the paragraph, we have dinner reservations at a very fancy (expensive) restaurant to celebrate tonight. It will be a great end to a great day. My wife deserves the world for putting up with me. We have been together for five years now and grow stronger every day.

I suppose I’ll leave it here today. If I took anything away from this weekend it is that you only have one family, and it is important to be with them while you can. Make the most of the time you spend with them. Have a great week everyone!



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