Shopping & The Weekend

Oye! Good afternoon everyone!

I have been lurking around in a haze. It was one of those mornings. I woke up thinking that it was Saturday, which is the worst since it is definitely not Saturday. I quickly re-routed my brain and was able to get ready for work on time. I don’t know if it was how I spent my Thursday evening that tricked me or what, but something got me all messed up.

Speaking of my Thursday evening, I went shopping for new work clothes. This is something I hate doing. I do not like to spend money on things like clothes. Maybe it is just the guy in me talking but whatever it it its true. I furthermore don’t like spending a good deal of money on similar items. What pushed me to the edge was that at about 1pm yesterday I noticed that not one, but BOTH sleeves shirt had holes in them, right in the elbow. I had been walking around all damn day looking like a hobo. The soles of my shoes are worn awkwardly since I walk like a duck, and I found a rip in the upper thigh of my pants. I really looked like a mess. I thought back for a minute and remembered that I had a couple other shirts with ripped sleeves as well. It was time to do something about it, something small, but something nevertheless.

Knowing that I hate spending money on clothes I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, so I ended up going to Walmart. I by no means am always a big fan of theirs but in this case the more clothes I could get, cheaply made or not, the better. I just needed to replenish my closet with clothes that were slightly better than what I had. Everyone tells me: “Go spend a little more money on a couple better shirts, they will last longer.” and to that I say hog wash! I am a man who does not watch what I am doing, and doesn’t mind getting dirty. I am rough on everything I have ever owned and clothes are no exception. I am an IT professional so its not like I’m working in an oil field but I am still under desks, and squeezed into weird corners often. I snag my clothing almost on a daily basis, so something a little fancier than Walmart still won’t make a difference. I ended up getting four solid color, long sleeved dress shirts. Along with those I bought two short sleeved dress shirts, one pair of new pants, and a pair of new shoes. I bought truck bed liner too but that its something different entirely. When that day comes you will hear all about it.

I got all of my new clothes home, washed, and dried. Everything was hung up, and I laid my shirt and pants out for today. Again somehow I forgot that it was going to be Friday. I think what threw me off was that along with getting clothes, my wife and I got groceries as well. I usually only go with her on a weekend if at all, so that may have been the determining factor.

Anyway, this weekend we have some more running around to do. I’m not too sure but we may leave tonight or tomorrow morning to go back to my wife’s home town.

** Got bored and went to get some water**

Her sister has a graduation ceremony on Saturday. We may bring her drone out and practice flying it some more. My wife has a side business as a photographer, and she wants to start getting some drone footage of her clients to add another element to her photography. (If you are interested or just want to look her Facebook page is: Check it out or don’t, it won’t bother me haha. She has a wedding booked in August and its on a rooftop so we may get some cool shots there. We were also planning on attending a friend of mines graduation party, but he has since canceled due to inclement weather. Also our first wedding anniversary is Monday so we may celebrate in some way this weekend. As always I’ll update you on how my weekend goes so you don’t feel left out.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to letting you know how my weekend turns out. Have a good one! 😉


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