The Flah & CS50

Afternoon all!

Last night, since my wife is done with her schooling for a week, we were able to watch the CW’s The Flash at its regular time. This is new to us, normally we would have to wait until Friday to catch up on all of our shows, which results in a binge watch all Friday evening. Sometimes that is OK, but other times it can be a real pain in the ass. So I will enjoy it for one single week. The Flash was very eye catching and fun at first, I couldn’t get enough. That has slowly faded to the point where I almost couldn’t care less if I saw it. Don’t get me wrong I still like it but it wouldn’t bother me if I stopped watching. It seems like they pull their story line out of thin air and just try and make it stick. We also watch Arrow with Stephen Amell, which we do still love even after a few seasons. They have done some crossover episodes that we wouldn’t have wanted to miss, and although they don’t change much of the story it is still nice to see where both shows are at during that crossover period. The Flash has great actors and a fairly in depth story line that borders on confusing due to its time travel and speed force variables. All around its a good show if you like super heroes, and don’t feel like watching a two hour long movie. Watching that show was about all we did last night since the Overwatch Beta ended and made me sad.

This morning, although slightly tired I was optimistic about the things I could accomplish today. A day or two prior I finished the lectures and walkthroughs for CS50’s Week 1 problem set. Today was the day that I could get my hands dirty a bit and try my hand at real C programming.  The first problem was to let people know the bottled water equivalent of how much water you would use in the shower with a low flow shower head. This was very straight forward and not hard to complete. This and the other exercises are more for syntax than actual problem solving. For this code you would be prompted for how many minutes you normally take a shower for. Next it would do a conversion and spit out the amount of water bottles you use to shower everyday. The next one tripped me up a bit, due to its syntax and not being able to read and interpret  code quite yet. With a little bit of research and guidance I was able to sort it out. This one was constructing a crude half pyramid from Super Mario World 1-1. First you had to ask the user for input on how tall it would be, next you had to use a For loop to build this thing. this is where I got all messed up. You have to nest a couple of these loops inside each other to figure out the rows columns and output. It still only ended up being about 40 lines of code but it was enough for me haha. At this point I took a break and decided to write this blog for today before I started the last problem, which is a “greedy” code for giving change. Meaning that you are given a certain amount of change to give back and you have to do that in the fewest coins possible. I thought it I got caught up with that I may forget to write today, and we don’t  want that. I hope to be able to finish it and fill out the Week 1 form, as well as submit my work today before I leave work. Wish me luck! XD

That’s about all for today, not much has been going on. I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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