Overwatch & Bit of IT

Good Tuesday afternoon everyone!

I have been a little slow and lazy today. That being said I have tried to counter act that by having three cups of coffee this morning. That seems to do the trick most times. You know your day isn’t going to be spectacular when you wake up to dried dog vomit on your bedroom floor. All you can do at that point is make the best of it and move past it

Before any of that though, last night I finally had some free time and downloaded the open beta of the new Overwatch game. It is only about a 7GB download and was free until today. Its main release date is on the 24th of this month. Like most other games it is going to be $60 to buy for now. I do have to say although I really do enjoy the game I don’t think I would buy it at that price point. There just doesn’t seem to be enough content, and I feel like it may lose its appeal too fast. Maybe that won’t be the case because like most other FPS (first person shooters) every game although the same, will have a different outcome. I would like to have this game but at the same point I don’t really have a disposable income. There are 21 characters to choose from, and they all fit into a certain category. You can have an attack based character that focuses on damage and mobility, a defender focused on damage while having less mobility and more hit points, a tank with a ton of hit points and decent damage and mobility, and lastly a support character with a focus on aiding the rest of the team. Each character has a unique set of skills, but they all follow a somewhat similar pattern. They all have an ultimate ability that needs to be charged to use, two abilities for that character specifically, a basic attack, and a melee attack. The game has a cartoonie “Team Fortress” feel to it, but it is very sharp looking. Each character has a backstory which lets you delve deeper in the the Overwatch world.

They have a few different game modes to chose from, to keep things interesting. There is somewhat of a convoy mode where one team tries to stop a convoy vehicle from reaching it’s destination, while the other team escorts the vehicle. Another mode is more about capturing points on the map by occupying a certain space on the map. This mode is played as a best of three, the first team to capture two points with the game. Lastly there is a hybrid mode which combines the previous two game modes. One team must defend a spot on the map, while the other team tries to take it. Once the other team takes control they have to then defend their convoy, while the other team tries to stop it. Each game mode is fast paced and fairly quick. I would say I didn’t have a game go longer than about 10 minutes. Overall I would want this game in my arsenal but I’m not dying to have it. It’s multiplayer so it would be best with a group of friends.

Changin’ gears! Once I got to work this morning and pounded a few cups of coffee, I started going through CS50’s Week 1 walkthroughs . This week is concentrated on learning basic C coding language, and I am feeling the pressure because I don’t have a programming background. I am confident though, because this is a course for anyone and everyone. It is all making sense and watching the lectures and shorts really do help a bunch. I still have a few more things to watch before I get my hands dirty, but I’ll keep you posted!

The reason I hadn’t finished my walkthroughs was that my co-worker, was setting up an Ubuntu server for his wife’s business and I wanted to help any way I could. So the rest of my morning was spent swapping any hardware we could to make this Dell Power Edge 840 run as smooth as we could. We currently have it all installed and mirrored. It is just going to be a simple file server so there isn’t much to it. I am about to head back over there and then finish my videos for CS50 so I’ll let you go for now and I’ll see you tomorrow.

“Keep Moving Forward!” – Meet the Robinson’s


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