Mother’s Day & Softball

Good Monday morning everyone!

Well as all good weekends do, it has gone by too fast. My wife and I were busy traveling and visiting with family over the weekend. The fun started Saturday with a trip to her hometown area. We stopped in to her dad’s house to see him, his long time girlfriend, and their new born baby. It was fun to catch up with them, as it always is, and find out what they have been up to. They have been super busy with a one month old baby boy. He has grown so much since we saw him a month ago. It is kinda weird and fun at the same time thinking that I kind of have a new baby brother in-law. Although we sadly won’t see him often, we will still be able to be a part of his life in some ways.

After we left her dad’s house we went down the road a little way, to her grandmother’s house where we met up with her grandparents, mother, uncle, sister, brother, and brother’s wife. They had a fairly large cookout planned for all of us. Again we caught up with everything life related while the food was being prepared. Most home made meals are amazing and this was no exception. We dined on BBQ ribs, grilled chicken breast, venison burgers, and Italian sausage. Of course we had sides and deserts that just comes with the territory. My wife’s brother and his wife are pregnant as well as my brother and his fiance, so we are going to have our fill of babies this year. We ourselves do not have any children yet and will be waiting until we have a house to raise a family in before we do so. After dinner my wife and I got her drone out to fly it over her grandfather’s farm land. We are still testing out the waters with it and how far it will go. We took it off from their backyard and flew it 330 feet up and 350+ feet out. It was getting to the point where you almost lost sight of the drone. Surprising to us, it was ready and willing to go farther, but we didn’t push it. The video was great and of course in great 720p quality. The drone battery is still being broken in so it loses charge fairly quickly. After about the fifth or sixth time it should hold a better charge. It was starting to get late in the day, and although we wanted to stay we had to say goodbye to everyone and head home.

That next morning (Mother’s Day) I had our regularly scheduled Sunday slow pitch softball league. My younger brother and I have been on the same team for about eight years with a good family friend and his family. We always have games on Mother’s Day so my mother has gotten used to it. She does like watching us play so I’m sure it’s not too much of a burden for her. Our games were at 9am and 11:30am, and it was a pretty cold morning. Our first game was against one of our rivals, it was a match up that we had every year and seems to always tilt towards the opposing team. They were up 11-0 in the second or third inning and most hope was lost early on. We managed to get the sticks out and glove it up in the perusing innings to come back and win the game in the bottom of the seventh by two runs. That helped us shake the out the cob webs. The next game was supposed to be an easy win, and of course when you say that you instantly underestimate the team you are about to play. This was indeed the case, as they hung with us most of the game. We did however lead the entire time, but not my the margin we would have like to. We did end up winning, but they did take us to the seventh inning, which since I didn’t mention before is the amount of innings we play in this league. The “Ten Run Rule” is in effect in the fifth inning. So with an opening weekend record of 2-0 we went home to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother.

Since it was a little chilly and windy we decided to cook out but eat inside so no one was cold. My brother and his fiance were there and got my mother a couple tomato plants for her garden, and my wife and I got her a nice glass humming bird feeder to hand off her patio roof. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and watched some TV. It was a relaxed afternoon, in good company. Later that day my older brother came over and hung out for a bit. He just started a job working second shift, so it has been hard to see him. After he left and everything settled down I took to bed early because today I had to be at work early to train with a fellow employee on our data collection system. Today has been pretty jammed packed with work and this was about my only free time to get this in

I hope you all had a good weekend and a happy Mother’s Day. I look forward to chatting again!


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