Freemasonry & Prison Documentaries

I hope you are all doing well.

As I often do, I left out that I am indeed a Free and Accepted Mason. I joined towards the end of 2007 fresh out of high school. It has been a fairly large part of my family and hopefully will continue to be. In order to move on the the Shrine, you have to be a current  member of the Masons. As far back as I know my grandfather on my dads side is a member and was the Potentate of the Shrine in 2007. My father and uncle are also members, along with myself, my older brother, and soon to be my cousin. We are, or will all be members of the same lodge: Joseph Warren Lodge #726. They are a great group of guys, who make good men better.

Anyway, we had a stated meeting last night and also a first degree initiation. There isn’t much more about the actually process I can tell you, but every time we meet I think of the world and our place in it. About higher powers and how you really don’t know anything when it is all boiled down. I have always had a small dilemma when it comes to the Masons, in that you have to believe in a higher power. It doesn’t have to be any particular god, or even a god at all for that matter. I personally don’t believe in a god but the idea of a higher power intrigues me. It would be very hard for me to believe that we are it. The only things out there with the ability to learn , grow, and create. Again I don’t think any one god or power created or constructed the universe and everything in it, I’ll leave that to science, but I would have to assume that there is a higher power than just creatures of planet Earth. The Masonic rituals are heavily based in Christianity and that’s ok with me because they are open to any and all religions and non-religions alike. So long as you think there is a higher power out there somewhere, you’re good 🙂  Being based in the Christian faith it is weird, to me a non-believer, when part of our symbol is a capitol “G” for god, and having a few prayers during the meetings, but I tend to go with the flow and over look them for a higher purpose. We are there to make good men better and serve our community. If that means having some ties to a religion, I can deal with that. If there ever comes a time when someone tries to push their own views upon me and tries to force me to change, that will be the day I leave the organization. You also have to remember it is largely based in tradition, an old tradition, where scientific discoveries had yet to be made. Most of the traditions and rituals are now symbolic in nature only and done just because that was the way they were done hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Enough about that and on to boredom in the workplace! I had some down time today at work, as well as now when I am writing this. Normally I would have constant user requests to come fix their minor issues and PCs to set up to replace old machines, but today has been fairly slow. I came across a YouTube documentary on tough prison life. It was about a maximum security prison and life inside the walls. This particular video focused on an on going investigation of a internal drug ring and how they think a prison guard is aiding these criminals. I don’t know why a guard would risk their life and job to serve an inmate. Maybe he thought it would gain him some respect with the prisoners, or be a way of making some side cash? Both of those reasons seem like they wouldn’t be my first choice. I don’t necessarily agree with every single thing that our legal system has done and continues to do, but they sure can lock a person down and break their spirits. Now if only we could make sure that only true criminals get imprisoned. Anyway I’m not here to debate or push my view on anyone, it was just what I had randomly thought of while watching that video. I know one thing though, I will not be doing anything to put me in a situation where the end result would be me inside a prison cell!

That’s really it for today, not much going on. Enjoy your Thursday and push on into the weekend!


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